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Being the peak Association for 85 years, the HBIA takes pride in being the consultative body for the hairdressing and beauty industry to both the State and Federal Governments and various Training Boards. We also participate in Industrial Relations, Employee Relations and other Government Tribunals. We influence the legislation that influences you. Importantly, we have first-hand industry experience and truly understand the needs of the salon owner.

The HBIA takes a pivotal role in dealing with Training Providers, Product Companies, Salon Operators, Government Bodies and the Union. This ensures that the best interests of the industry are kept at the forefront of all negotiations. Your industry Association offers a myriad of products and services including seminar and workshops on the key industry issues whether it is changes to training, employment matters or the latest trends in information technology.

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HBIA Australian Hairdressing Championship – 25th May 2014


We are pleased to announce that this year’s HBIA Australian Hairdressing Championships will be held 25th May 2014, at the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park (previously The Sebel).

To ensure that you receive further information of each section, the complete events and rules booklet (due for release at the end of this month) and an entry form to compete, please contact HBIA via email k.nimmo@hbia.net.au or contact HBIA direct on 1800 237 934.

2014 HBIA Championships Events

  1. Female Photographic Competition – Open
  2. Female Photographic Competition – Apprentices and Students
  3. Men’s Black & White Photographic – Open
  4. Collaborative Collection Photographic Competition – Open
  5. Magazine Photographic Cover – Open
  6. Ladies Styling Iron Award -1st & 2nd Year Apprentices & Students (Practical)
  7. High Fashion Make-up 2014 – Open (Practical)
  8. Ladies Design Cut – Apprentices & Students (Practical)
  9. Men’s Design Cut – Open (Practical)
  10. Ladies Design Cut -Apprentices & Students (Pre-done)
  11. Ladies Design Cut – Open (Pre-done)
  12. Men’s Design Cut – Apprentices and Students (Practical)
  13. Ladies Design Cut – Open (Practical)
  14. Fashion Colour – Open (Pre-done)
  15. Precision Barbering (Practical)
  16. Blonde – Open (Pre-done)
  17. MTV Inspired Look 2014 – Apprentices and Students (Practical)
  18. Clipper Art Inspired By Jeremy Knott – Open (Pre-done)
  19. Beautiful Bride – Open (Practical)
  20. Braiding of Today – Open (Pre-done)
  21. Vintage Inspired DIVA – Open (Practical)
  22. The BOB – Open (Pre-done)
  23. Mentor & Apprentice Hair Up (Practical)
  24. Runway Artist Award (Pre-done)
  25. Through the Ages College Challenge – Apprentices and Students (Pre-done)
  26. Stylist Award 2014


Click here to check out the 26 Competitions for the 2014 HBIA Hairdressing  Championships.

Please carefully read the rules to know what judges are looking for in 2014.


Click here to download the 2014 HBIA Hairdressing Championships Entry Form.

Entries are due no later than 12th May 2014.

HBIA Moving Office



HBIA are moving office! As of 6th November 2013, HBIA will be located on St Kilda Road. Please see updated contact details as per below: -


Junction Business Centre

G02 / 22 St Kilda Road


PH: 1800 237 934

Fax: (03) 9510 4725

Email: k.nimmo@hbia.net.au

Our Employment Law Team, who answer member queries such as wage rates, public holiday entitlements, contracts & policies etc. are still contactable on 1800 817 723.  This number has not changed.

We will ensure that the move does not pose any inconvenience to our members. You can expect our usual services and prompt responses from both our office staff and our Employment Law Team before, during and after our move.

Spend more time serving your clients and less time worrying about managing employees and doing paperwork.

For further information about HBIA membership please call 1800 237 934.

Click here to download the application form

HBIA Annual General Meeting 2013

The 2013 Annual General Meeting for HBIA will be held Tuesday 19th November. Nominations for Council will close 15th November 2013. Please call HBIA on (03) 8862 6521 for further details.

2013 Hairdressing Championship Results

The HBIA 2013 Hairdressing Championship Results

Go to the events page to view the full results of the 2013 Hairdressing Championships

631 - Category 12 - Fashion Colour - Open 758 - Category 14 - Vintage Inspired DIVA - Open 806 - Category 15 - Clipper Art 903 - Category 17 - Beautiful Brides